Wellness Massage in Mackay

Delight in tranquillity and feel your mind, body, and soul rejuvenate as you step into a haven of calm at Sage Spa and Beauty. Our wellness massage in Mackay is a symphony of serene experience and harmonious healing.

Back & Neck


Lower Half & Feet


Hot Stone Massage


Remedial Massage


Trigger Point Massage


Honey Anticellulite Massage


Couples Massage


90 Minute Swedish Massage


60 Minute Swedish Massage


45 Minute Swedish Massage


30 Minute Swedish Massage


Our highly-experienced therapists have mastered an array of special massage techniques that strive to foster well-being and relaxation. Whether you seek a full body massage, lower back massage, or couples massage in Mackay, we can help. Our hot stone massage also offers a unique kind of relaxation, harnessing the ancient practice of using hot stones on the body to induce deep relaxation and wellness.

Immerse yourself in our sanctuary, where serenity reigns supreme at Sage Spa and Beauty. Get in touch with a member of our dedicated team today via our contact page to book your massage.