Manicure and Pedicure in Mackay

Achieving beautiful, neatly polished toenails isn’t solely about improving your appearance – it’s a revitalising ritual. Our manicure and pedicure services in Mackay not only beautify your nails but leave you feeling fantastic from heel to toe.

Shellac Polish Add On


Nail Repair


Nail Polish Only


Infill Gel Structure Nails


Gel Structure Nails FS


Gel Polish & Removal


FS Acrylic and Express Pedi


Express Pedi - Shellac


Express Pedi - Normal Polish


Express Mani


Express Mani - Shellac


Deluxe Pedi - Shellac


Deluxe Mani - Shellac


At Sage Spa and Beauty, we utilise premium products to ensure that your nails are lustrous, chip-resistant, and gorgeously coloured. Whether you’re preparing for a special occasion, keeping up with routine self-care, or seeking to dazzle with trendsetting nails, our Mackay spa is open to cater to your needs.

Experience a tranquil escape as our professional nail technicians work their magic, polishing your nails, exfoliating your skin, hydrating your feet, and perfectly prepping them for the week ahead.

Transform tired, plain nails into one of your finest accessories with Sage Spa and Beauty. Book an appointment today and walk out feeling revitalised, refreshed, and beautifully polished.